About Conference

About Conference

The vision behind organizing this conference is to provide an excellent forum for researchers, scientist and industrialist from interdisciplinary areas to showcase their current contribution in the recent area of Physical Sciences. The objectives of International Conference on Computational Applied Sciences and it’s Applications (ICCASA-2022) are to abreast the young minds from Institutes, Universities, Colleges and Industries across the country, with the latest advancements in the field of this area, and providing them an opportunity to share their recent researches and views in various fields of Physical Sciences and their applications for the ultimate benefit of the Society and Industry. The broad aim of the conference is to groom the young scientists’ minds to face the challenges of future for effective and efficient professional responsibilities. The conference will cover a wide range of topics in the form of plenary speakers, keynote speakers, invited talks & contributory papers presentations. 

Scope of the Conference (but not limited to)

  • Bifurcation Theory
  • Control of Chaos  
  • Non-linear phenomena in Medical and Biological Sciences
  • Non-linear Dynamics 
  • Non-linear Optics
  • Time Series Analysis 
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry 
  • Sustainable and Green Chemistry 
  • Atmospheric Chemistry 
  • Environment Chemistry 
  • Catalysis
  • Spectroscopy and it’s applications
  • Organometallic Chemistry 
  • X-ray Crystallography
  • Bio fuels
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Drug designing
  • Natural Product Chemistry
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Mathematical Modelling and Simulation 
  • Fuzzy sets and logic
  • Ring theory
  • Operation Research
  • Differential Geometry
  • Financial Mathematics 
  • Advanced Analysis
  • Applied Statistics 
  • Differential Equations 
  • Relativity and Cosmology 
  • Complex theory
  • Real Analysis
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Group theory
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Numerical Analysis 
  • Biostatistics 
  • Business & Computational Statistics 
  • Sampling Theory 

About UEM Jaipur

UEM Jaipur was established in the year 2011 by Ordinance 11 of 2011 and Act No 5 of 2012 of Govt of Rajasthan. UEM Jaipur has achieved the awards of “Best Private University in North India” and “Best Emerging University in North India”.

UEM Jaipur has been established by the IEM group, Kolkata. The IEM UEM group is an acclaimed educational group amongst the industry-centred academic training organisations of today. IEM has set sublime standards in addressing the technical and managerial resource shortage in the new era of dynamic globalisation. The IEM UEM group has risen to fame for its strong foundation in teaching and R&D in multifaceted areas. It aims to serve the future generation as well as the Nation through its commitment towards self-sufficiency and unmatchable excellence.

Since its inception, the IEM UEM group has surpassed innumerable benchmarks of achievements and accreditations. Today IEM flaunts a colossal network of expansive operations led by an awe-inspiring student force who are the torchbearers of a better tomorrow.

The IEM UEM Group has opened up the doors for young minds who dare to dream. It encourages the spirit of free enquiry and imagination. In this temple of learning, dreams take shape. The educational group attempts to inculcate the sense of human values and discipline in students to make them respectable human beings.  It encourages learners to learn, to realize their potential and imbibe the best practices.